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Rod Roduin, Owner and Senior Consultant
42 N Lyter Ave,
Port Townsend, WA. 98368
Roduin Consulting Group LLC
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Outside Plant and Telecommunications Systems
Roduin Consulting Group provides consulting, planning, design and project management for public and private telecommunications systems. We are infrastructure experts, specializing in in-building and outside plant systems including pole lines, duct and vault systems and copper, coax and fiber optic cabling systems associated with new construction, upgrades and overbuilds.
• Document and/or assess existing phone, data and video facilities and systems?
• Install new or upgrade existing building or campus copper, coax or fiber optic systems?
• Clear existing cable systems out of the way prior to remodeling or demolishing a facility?
• Clean up existing cable problems left by others?
• Connect two or more isolated facilities or nodes using copper, coax or fiber optic cables?
• Install, repair or rehab existing aerial and/or underground cable, conduit or vault systems?
• Consulting, Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies and Route Planning
• Outside Plant Systems Design and Project Management
• Utility Company and Provider Planning, Negotiation and Coordination
• Bid Specifications for Public or Private Bid Processes.
• Construction Project Management, Scheduling and Inspection
• Assessments, As-Builts and Documentation of Existing Systems
• Standards development and documentation
• Problem Resolution and Troubleshooting
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Outside Plant and Cable System Engineering Services
Roduin Consulting Group is your resource for planning, design, coordination and project management for technology infrastructure projects.