How do we include them and not bust the budget?
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We are often brought into projects by owners and developers and asked to help them deal with technology problems. We typically are asked the following;
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The following list is a broad overview of the many technology based systems that frequently must be included or accommodated in modern construction. Almost all technology systems include a data networking component to link them together over a network or through the Internet.
Roduin Consulting Group's specialty is in understanding technology system requirements, dealing with the problems of defining what is required, conveying those requirements to owners, architects, and engineers, and then integrating the systems into large construction projects. We have very successfully dealt with these problems for a wide variety of complex projects.
Given the large number of technology systems in modern building construction, and given the complexity of the individual systems, it is imperative that you have someone on your team that understands the design, construction and operating requirements of the technology systems you need in your project. You need a representative who understands IT systems and who can facilitate cross utilization of systems to control costs.
1. We didn't know we were going to have to provide these systems!
• Dry Utility (Public Utility) Systems Planning
• Building Entrance Conduit & Vault Systems
• Spaces, Pathways, Sleeves & Tray Systems
• Structured Cabling & Fiber Optic Systems
• Backup Generators and UPS Systems
• Public Address & Intercom
• Facility Move Management
• VoIP, PBX, iPBX, hosted PBX, mobile PBX
• Data Networks, LAN / MAN / WAN
• Audio-Visual & Presentation Systems
• Security, CCTV, IP-CCTV and Access Control
• Distributed Antenna (DAS) Systems
• Wireless and Wi-Fi Systems
• Digital Signage
Technology Consulting, Design and Coordination
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Roduin Consulting Group is your resource for planning, design, coordination and project management for complex technology projects.
How can we design them if we can't get the user's requirements?
2. The bids for these systems came back much higher than expected!
How can we get the costs down?
3. We need to include spaces, pathways, cabling and power for the IT systems in our building design but we can't get the user to define what they want.